Cost-effective sd memory card recommendation

Many people are not familiar with SD memory CARDS. From MP3 and MP4 in the past to mobile phones, cameras and tablet computers nowadays, SD memory CARDS are used as the media to expand the storage space.This year marks the 10th year of sales of microSD memory CARDS. The inventor of the SD memory card and the world famous flash memory manufacturer sandisk have sold a total of 2 billion SD memory CARDS.

The popularity and development of smart phones also undoubtedly promote the sales of SD memory CARDS. You don’t need to spend more money to buy a phone with more memory, but only need a SD memory card with more capacity.Below small make up to introduce a few easy to use and affordable SD memory card.

Cost-effective SD memory card recommendation

Toshiba extreme to instantaneous SD memory card

Toshiba is the earliest memory card concept and manufacturers, its SD memory card product quality has been widely recognized by the market.At present, Toshiba to the instantaneous memory card version of the 16G price down again and again, at 11 dollars or so, very cost-effective.

Toshiba extreme to instantaneous SD memory card with ultra high reading and writing speed, each second reading and writing speed can reach 95 megabytes and 60 megabytes, its UHS speed level also reached the U3 standard.In addition, this SD memory card is very suitable for the use of digital cameras, its ultra-fast data transmission speed can support the high-speed digital camera shooting and high-definition video recording, playback.

As daily information storage increases, people are more inclined to choose large capacity SD memory card.Generally speaking, the capacity of memory card is proportional to the price. The larger the capacity, the higher the price.The 64gb version of the sandi premium SD card is currently priced at around 35 dollars

The SD SD memory card has Class10 transmission level, the reading speed can reach 40 megabytes per second. In addition, the SD SD memory card adopts waterproof and shockproof design, which can prevent the interference of temperature, X-ray and adverse conditions, and maintain the highest quality in the industry.

Kingston SDA10

As a well-known manufacturer in the industry, Kingston SD memory card also maintains a high cost performance.Kingston SD10 memory card not only has the high efficiency to read and write the ability, also has the high stability.Currently, the 16gb version of Kingston SDA10 sells for about 2 dollars. Kingston SDA10 USES gold as its color scheme and built-in UHS technology to achieve 90 megabits per second and 45 megabits per second.Kingston SDA10 can work anywhere from -25c to 85c and is guaranteed for life.

Finally, small make up to popularize a small knowledge, we generally buy 16G or 32G memory card, often found that the use of space is not up to the actual size, this is because the memory card when the use of 1000 decimal system, and in order to use the system for binary, there are errors in the calculation method.

Last words, never never forget to use how to recover deleted photos sd card tips for your images!